What are advantages and disadvantages of a cordless weed wacker ?

For people who love to do the garden, a wacker is an indispensable tool. It seems that this product appears every house and every garden. Nowadays, in the market, there are different kinds of weed whackers with various features and prices. However, the most popular weed wacker is the cordless ones. This article will mention the advantages and disadvantages of this product to provide to you some basic information.

1. The benefits of a cordless weed wacker

The best cordless weed wacker has been always a loved device in every house. Have you wondered what is the reasons which make it so much more accessible, in nowadays. There are some outstanding features of a cordless weed wacker that you can not find in other products.

A. Its movement.
With a weed wacker using the cord, it ‘s hard for you to move it around your garden. No matter how much the length of the cable is, it is still limited. You can not freely come to the corner of the garden, even a length of 15 meters or even 20 meters. In fact, the longer the cord is, the more tangled it is. Therefore, a cordless weed is always an ideal tool for the garden.

B. The sound.
Have you had to wake up in the early morning because of the noise from the weed wacker from neighborhoods? It must be the most terrible sound in your life. Do not worry, the type of weed wacker can solve this problem. When using it, you can totally satisfy noise that it creates. It seems that there is no noise in your garden, no matter how level you use. Therefore, you can weak up in the early morning and do the garden without waking up your neighborhoods.

C. The weight.
Bringing a week wacker around the garden is a tiring job, especially for the kids, or the elderly. Why do you must keep a heavy wacker, instead of changing a lighter one? Taking care of the garden is a hard job, and the cordless week wacker will easy your work.

2. The disadvantages of a cordless weed wacker.

A , The using time.
Compared to another kind of wacker, a cordless one has a limited using time. If you have a large garden, it is a big problem with a cordless weed wacker. There is some complication if you must charge while using process. Normally, the using time for a charge is about half of the hour or an hour. If you use the gas, your wacker can run more time, but a long time of using is still a challenge for a cordless weed wacker.

B, The power.
One big concern about this product is its power. Compared to another type, cordless wacker has a weak operational productivity. If there are some thick glasses or big brushes, it will become a big trouble for your tools. At that time, you must find other instruments to solve these things. This is quite complicated for you, isn’t it? The solution for this situation is you must often take care this area and make sure that there are no big brushes in your garden.

C. The price.
Besides quality and looking, a price is always one of the principals to choose a weed wacker. People always want to find a quality and cheap products. However, for a cordless weed wacker, despite its benefits, it is quite more expensive than corded one. Besides, you also must pay for its battery which is expensive, too. For this reason, you should think about your budget before deciding to buy one.

In conclusion, the cordless weed wacker has both advantages and disadvantages. You should carefully consider if this product is suitable for your garden, budget, and your favorite to come to the right decision. Hope you can have a beautiful garden with the cordless weed wacker.

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