As you know, the blender is one of the appliances in the kitchen every time, especially for families with children, the blender is indispensable.The role of a blender is not controversial, but have you ever questioned about best blender smoothies of the kind?

What is the good blender vendor?
This article will work with you to find out details to buy a blender is the best kind of present – 2017.In the beginning, refer to the core issues to choose to be a good blender for families. It is important, rated blender something good does not need to, depending on your needs anymore, and not only the price, design, or material, the design is sufficient.

If you want to use a blender to grind and grindstone fruit, you should choose a reliable engine.With a capacity of about 500W or more is appropriate. These machines are often accompanied by a good warranty and long-term use, grind a lot more raw materials.

However, large-capacity machines, it also consumes more power when operating noise is also larger.Capacity blender will determine the blender grind that is more or less each time. So choose tonnage will often depend on the number of members in your family.

With a normal family with 4-5 people, then select the volume 1.2 – 1.5 liters is reasonable.

Most blenders with windmill made from plastic or glass.But the more common types of plastic for quite durable and lightweight. Mortars have two types of polycarbonate plastic and polyester. In particular, polycarbonate material more commonly used for high durability. In addition, the blender has two types of mortars and mortar round square, often the majority of users choose to buy around for the machine will grind more evenly without having to grind and mix ingredients.

There are two important parts of the blender you are interested in the material is the blender and blade.
There are two types of materials are used for common miller plastic and glass, each with advantages and dugongs separate points:
• Plastic grinders: the windmill type lighter, more convenient to use, but more difficult to clean, and if they are not good quality plastics, the problem will affect food safety
• glass grinders: heavier, may break if not careful but easy to make cleaner better safety.
With the blade, now popular is made with stainless steel, stainless steel, blade material, however, is very different.
We hardly can check the blade material, which can only be estimated through the cost of the machine.

There are many types of a blender with automatic settings so you can free your hands to do other things, but a bit inconvenient when you want to grind small amounts of material.And if you want to manually control the speed yourself grinding machine, you should choose to buy a normal type grinder grind with strong light suit each different foods

Blade grinder
There are two types of blade grinding blade to grind wet and dry tongue water to grind fruit. Conventional wet tongue-shaped or multi-wing cross, which functions mainly mixing and stirring, while dry tongue – mostly straight shape to grindable. Currently, there are many types of blender blades but only one has all the above functions.

The noise level when operating
Most blender when in operation will cause noise, most of the sound emanating from the blender between 80-100 decibels.If the family has young children, the elderly, need quiet space, choose the type of grinder with silencers, this division will significantly reduce the noise of the machine when in operation.

Are you ready to buy a blender?

Think you need a blender before you buy it. Why?
Because reality shows that all the blenders are quite time-consuming to use, especially the toilet after each section mill.Because of this reason, in fact, we can see quite a lot of families buy a blender for a few disposable use it. Needs assessment correctly will help you make rational decisions whether to buy a blender or not.
Cheap blender, the blades can be bent, buckled or even rust. Better still, the type of blade durability, certainly.

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