You can meet many classifications dust collector on the market, but according to the most common classifications dust collector available. We can best dust collector four main categories: vertical dust collector, automatic dust collector, mini dust collector, vacuum box format and dust collector.

Vertical dust collector

This type of large-capacity dust collector, suitable for large floor area, floor mats especially since it also has rotating brushes.Characteristics of this type of dust collector motor are placed above the nozzle. Type large-capacity vacuum and high prices are consistent with the large utility area or office, at home choose to buy a dust collector stands also for this reason.

Vacuum box format

Compared to the dust collector, the dust collector stands compact box much, so it can clean all the nooks areas as television slots, corner tables, chairs, stairs.Features of the nozzle it is connected to the camera body using a long flexible tube.

This is kind of the most popular vacuum cleaners on the market today because it matches the conditions of use in the family.This type of dust collector compact, battery-operated or plug.

Since capacity is quite small so it’s only used to clean small areas such as the area on the table, sofa, computer, altar … The mini dust collector is now also quite popular because of the habit of using the dust collector was popular in many countries.

Automatic dust collector

This is a modern type of dust collector and its cost is high.Besides, it can only operate within the plane is not too wide. Vacuuming its effectiveness may suffer because of small capacity, features and capabilities are limited dust. Features of the dust collector Vacuum cleaners with bags and bags.

One of the important features of the dust collector is no bag or pocket. Dust collector with a dust collector bag is the type equipped with paper dust bags, fabric or fabrics often capable of deodorant, antibacterial.Cloth bags to help us save money because they can use multiple times, each finished with the clean laundry.

In contrast, paper bags can cost you an additional recurrent cost for paper bags to be thrown away after each use full.Some types of vacuum cleaners also use paper bags one according to the manufacturer’s standards. It without the kind of dust collector bags using plastic containers to contain dust. When the dust filled the box, you just need to remove the box and cleaned. The plastic box also makes it easy to identify when dust filled to bring the toilet.
Some of the comparison between the two types of dust collector bags and no bags to keep in mind are:dust collector are often cheaper than their pockets are not pocket, dust collector with bags often more durable, low maintenance, repair more

Vacuum cleaner bags do not usually have a larger capacity and better vacuum. Some kind of vacuum cleaner bags with self-closing function when removing bags, help you avoid smoking to dirt.
No bag dust collector can not have this function, dust collector bags are not usually noisier than the kind of bag
Lights dust

Dust warning light is also an important function and you should choose a machine with this function.When the amount of dust in the machine has plenty of dust warning light alerts and can help them clean it, avoiding the breakdown, due to excessive dirt trapped inside.

When choosing a power vacuum, you should be calculated based on the floor area which will operate dust collector. There are two types of vacuum power can make you confuse the power of the machine and the power vacuum.
The capacity of the machine is only the power consumption, and capacity vacuuming dust collector shown its capabilities.

For example, engine power recorder ~ 300W and 1200W power is 600W ~ 100W vacuum, ie machines operated in electric power consumption is 300W, the power draw of 100W it would be.Another important point is noted is not when the power consumption is also proportional to the power vacuum if the comparison between the different dust collector. Because vacuuming capacity depends on the detailed design of the machine.

Use a dust collector high electric power consumption low suction power that can make you pay for electricity costs that can not collect more effectively.Therefore you should consider choosing the type of vacuum cleaner with high suction power with the same power consumption.

Volume and loudness

Dust collector from 1 to 12Kg weight, but the vast majority of families in our country are choosing the type of vacuum cleaner 4 6KG volume.This volume, the elderly or young person can also be used. Noise is also an important criterion dust collector that loud noise can make you uncomfortable when operating.


Ability to filter dust is also an important criterion when choosing a dust collector.

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