How to choose a quality air compressor?

On the market today, there are many types of air compressor products with all kinds of the brand name, type of capacity, … therefore, you want to choose a product air compressor that can meet the needs of your work, but also have the reasonable budget is not easy. With our knowledge of air compressors, so today we would like to give you some information about the experience of buying quality air compressors (air compressor reviews).
1. Select a reputable brand:
– To be able to choose a good quality air compressor, to ensure safety during use, the first thing is you should choose stores which have prestige air compressor, brand sustainable to receive warranty commitments, if any damage occurs, are warranted in good faith.

– Do not use compressed air of unclear origin, as well as no specific label.
– Ask the seller to see all the relevant documents, as well as the quality control of the air compressor by the authority to make sure the machine is still working safely.

2. Selection through product quality:
– What you should consider when buying air compressor is the quality of the product, ask the seller to try to try to see what is not unusual. You should choose a good quality soundproofing air compressor, to avoid the noise generated during work, which affects the operator and the surrounding area.
– Choose to buy air compressor with safety valve, when the amount of air inside the tank is higher than normal and the automatic does not work, the safety valve will expand

3. Capacity selection:
You need to know all the tools that use the gas and their air flow use (liter per minute or m3 / h). The total air volume of the compressor will be the total flow of all the tools plus 25%
LL Air Compressor = LL (Tool 1 + Tool 2 + …. + Tool n) x 1.25

4. Select the power source

If you have a room for your machine, you can choose a loud noise machine. If you use the machine with the equipment and near the employee, choose a machine with good sound insulation.

5. Selection of accessories for air compressors:

If there are requirements for environmental protection, use dry and clean air, you need additional accessories such as filters and air dryers. If you need exceptionally high-quality gas such as in the food or medical industry, you should choose oil-free air compressor.

6. Machine quality:
You should choose to buy high-quality machines, you will save the cost of ownership (power consumption, maintenance costs, spare parts …), reduce downtime and damage caused by stopping.
You should choose the smart machine of the famous brands. It is wise to choose models with intelligent design, easy to operate, maintain, maintenance. You also should consider the provider’s ability to provide genuine parts and service.

7. Installation requirements

Based on the requirements of use, you can choose mobile phones and fixed machines.
– Portable air compressors: Small in size, use two wheels or four wheels to easily move, suitable for production.
– Fixed type: Large volume and weight should not be suitable for movement. In addition, due to the fixed installation requirements and the minimization of vibration and noise, this type of compressor is installed permanently. However, when installing, the user should pay attention to the intensity and level of fixation.

8. Noise level
If you have a separate room for your machine, you can choose a high volume compressor. If the machine is set up with other equipment and near the employees should choose a machine with low noise, good sound insulation. Machines have different structure and operation, so the noise level is also different:
– Normal piston: Noise emitted when the machine is operating without any obstructions, noise spread around.
– Box-type piston machine: The body is similar to a conventional machine, but the side of the case is specially designed, using the high-grade vacuum, anti-vibration and sound insulation to reduce noise.

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