How many the types of heaphone do you have?

Many years ago, when Walkman was born, and equipment revolution occurred in the 1980s, at that time, headphones have a big and heavy shape. However, everything has changed, the headphones are smaller and smaller and became an indispensable equipment serving the entertainment purpose. Nowadays, in the market, you can easy to find the best earbuds under 50 dollars, but have you think about what kind of these suitable for you? The article will give you some tips to help you find a best one.

1. Models and styles.
Nowadays, customers do not pay much attraction on the difference between the portable headphone and classic headphone for entertainment at home. However, if you think about the purpose ( for example: listening to music, playing games ) or the place ( school or street) when using, you will realize some specific feature of the headphone. According to form factor, there are five kinds:
A, Earbud/ in-ear.
Earbud is provided with portable music device and get much love from customers because of its good sound quality, compared with a full-size model. Earbuds are directly worn in the ears. Some models have a rubber design which helps them fit our ear.
B, On-ear.
On- the ear is also known as Supra-aural, open-backed, semi-open earpad. This kind of product has a round design which covers the users’ear. We can use it with portable devices or hi-end entertainment device at home. Compared to the full-size product, sound insulation is not good, so we can hear the voice from outside and can not focus on what we are hearing. When using this product, you will fell quite comfortable. You do not get heat in the ears and some models can some models can be folded to help you quickly bring.
C, Full-size.
Full-size has many different names such as Circum-aural, Closed-back, Earcup, over-the-ear. These product have a round design which covers all of part of ears. They look like a cup putting on our ear. This product line has a big size and quite heavy, that why the sound isolation is very good. Because of its design, this product is usually used for home instead of for moving. One of the disadvantages of this product is its design. It is not only too big but also quite complete which can cause some problem such as it is easy to catch in the hair or glasses

2. Wireless headphone.
Wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphone is one of the modern models. This product line is more and more popular thank to its convenience. When using this product, we can move around without the trouble from the massive cable. The common sound transmission is through Bluetooth. Despite its convenience, its sound quality is not good; there are also have some problem when using this product. However, the usage time depends on the batteries of the headphone, so it is not comfortable for users to use it for a long time. Some producers also provide “ Active noise canceling with 3.5 connection, cable to charge, box.

3. Radical noise headphones.
The outstanding of this line is its radical noise. That means they can remove all the sound from surrounding environment by emitting sound waves which have the ability to suppress noise. Some of them can reduce the noise of air conditioning system of the aircraft. This line has a diversified design from Full-size to Earbud. With this device, you do not need to turn up the volume to drown out the external sound but hear in the low-sound. That feature help reduces the risk of hearing loss. Besides, it’s also bring a clearer sound for the user. This is a perfect product for a noisy environment such as factory, airplane and working station.

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