Best ways to clean wood floors 2016


It is necessary to clean the wood floor to avoid being scratched or deformed. Using detergent can fade or damage the wood. General cleaning by drying should be done regularly, but for more thorough cleaning is required, warm water or a mild detergent maybe is useful as well.

In addition to the traditional solutions, you can also use the best vacuum for wood floors to eliminate dust. It will make your home shining every day. Following measures are some of the best ways to clean wood floors.

Overall cleaning

Although the wood floor’s scratch-resistant and anti-dust are profoundly efficient, hair and debris can cause scratches by the time.
Therefore, regular cleaning the floor helps to against this risk. Instead of dry cleaning, you also can use the soft brush. However, you should choose the standard brush to make sure that it does not damage the surface. You should weep under the direction in parallel to floor’s planks to ensure any debris located in the chinks is eliminated.
When having liquid spills, you should use a cloth or sponge to immediately clean it out because it can make the floor stained or damage the protective layer. A dry cloth helps to absorb the excess fluids. Cloth and sponge should be wetted before getting rid of remaining liquid. Finally, it is keeping the wood floor dry and clean.

Using warm water

This measure is just to use for the wooden floor which has a large area with much dust or stains lasting several months. Hot water is often considered one of the best ways to clean wood floors. When finishing, it will complete clean these stains. It is also less likely to damage the protective layer of wood, whereas, water is a cleanser as gentle as possible.

With hot water, you can also employ it to drench or immerse the sponge. By this solution, you can use a traditional paintbrush. You had better clean this equipment and squeeze before using it.

Vinegar and water solution

Vinegar and water solution is one effective way to clean wood floors that are a lot of successful application.
To create a solution of vinegar and water, you pour 60ml white vinegar in a spray bottle (940-1000 ml). Then you refill the bottles rest for full and mix to dissolve. Diluted vinegar is especially useful when your wood floors have adhesive dirt for a long time. Because the vinegar can erode the surface layer of wood, it should be mixed in combination with water.

It is time to clean the floor by spraying vinegar on the floor in the area with no larger than 30.5 centimeters. Remember that do not spray the entire floor with vinegar for a while. You need to wipe the floor immediately. If you spray the whole floor at once, it makes the floor surface layer could be damaged.
Finally, you use a soft towel to wipe away the vinegar solution layer on the floor and ensure that all stains have been cleaned

Cleaning by window-cleaning water

To save costs for the wood floor cleaning product, you can use window-cleaning water to clean the stains on the floor. You spray a small amount of window-cleaning water to clean up the stain and wipe it off immediately with a slightly wet cloth. You should use a soft microfiber cloth and rub into the stain; it would be cleaner and faster.


Cleaning wood floor would be very easy if you keep it regularly. Vacuuming or sweeping it daily or a few times on a week will help remove dirt on the floor. This way also helps you save time and effort in the long run when it comes to cleaning the floor carefully.

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